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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F9243
 McDougall, Mary Elizabeth   Bumbery 
2 F8963
 Unknown, Bernice Est 1938  Bumbery 
3 F6848
Abbott, Carter Terry, Rosa Jane Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
4 F9494
Abbott, Charles E Sproul, Jennie Marguettes Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
5 F6772
Abbott, Joseph Cody Cooper, Jane Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
6 F918
Abbott, Roy Moore, Vernitta Pauline Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
7 F6691
Abbott, Samuel Brown, Susan L Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
8 F4498
Abbott, Stephen Edgar Morris, Llewellyn Anna Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
9 F5509
Abbott, Unknown Crooker, Mildred W Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
10 F8709
Abbott, William Hatfield, Parazdia Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
11 F7022
Abel, George Washington Reed, Esther 4 Jan 1844 Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana, USA  Bumbery 
12 F7021
Abel, Henry Unknown, Rebecca Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
13 F6999
Abel, Henry Franklin, Sarah Ann 5 Sep 1816 Botetourt County, Virginia, USA  Bumbery 
14 F7017
Abel, John Heibst, Maria Elizabeth 22 Jan 1793 Botetourt County, Virginia, USA  Bumbery 
15 F9237
Achorn, Lincoln Edward Pinkham, Martha Augusta 22 Dec 1854 Waldoboro, Lincoln County, Maine, USA  Bumbery 
16 F6115
Acker, Unknown Pifer, Dorothy M Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
17 F8687
Ackerman, Christie Hayes, Irene G Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
18 F8925
Ackley, Clifford Ramsey, Ruth Viola Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
19 F4583
Acord, Andrew Jackson Watts, Arzella Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
20 F4460
Acord, Orville Dewey Winkler, Patricia Victorine 2 Sep 1949 Georgetown, Vermilion County, Illinois, USA  Bumbery 
21 F5754
Acord, Unknown McGraw, Jewel Esther Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
22 F210
Acy, Unknown Kutz, Margaret Yes, date unknown  Bumbery 
23 F8842
Adams, Benjamin George Bumpus, Sarah Ellen 16 Dec 1880 Jefferson County, Illinois, USA  Bumbery 
24 F9550
Adams, Charles Ellsworth Robertson, Christina Ann 6 Jun 1892 Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA  Bumbery 
25 F7177
Adams, Charles F Whitted, Adalula Adilen 22 Nov 1891 Vermillion County, Indiana, USA  Bumbery 

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