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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F475
 Henson, Sarah Ann 2 Jul 1845 Gasconade County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
2 F48
Abernathy, Charles R Humphrey, Erie 13 Mar 1929  Humphrey 
3 F219
Ahart, John Williams Unknown, Unknown Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
4 F54
Ahart, John Williams Humphrey, Sarah Melvina 19 May 1904 Capps, Miller County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
5 F140
Alexander, Homer Humphrey, Sopha A 27 Oct 1923 Miller County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
6 F108
Allen, Elmo M Humphrey, Ida Faye Yes, date unknown Saint Louis, Saint Louis City, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
7 F128
Allen, John Unknown, Ruth Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
8 F57
Arnett, Thomas Lester Humphrey, Myrtle Edith Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
9 F228
Atwell, Harry Robert Humphrey, Lorraine Mae 18 Aug 1956  Humphrey 
10 F521
Atwell, William Edward Wells, Nancy Marie Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
11 F218
Baker, Unknown Ahart, Lizzie B Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
12 F466
Bandy, John C Reed, Corinne Aug 1959  Humphrey 
13 F222
Barnett, Elzie W Whitaker, Millicent Erie 20 Jun 1942  Humphrey 
14 F142
Bass, Orvill Humphrey, Lucinda 26 Feb 1840 Miller County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
15 F58
Beezley, Gerald Rufus Humphrey, Edna E 3 Sep 1924 Crawford County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
16 F514
Belk, Clay Douglas Humphrey, Sarah Joann Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
17 F379
Berry, Loyd Humphrey, Louisa Della 6 Jul 1929 Maries County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
18 F446
Bevelot, William Louis Lee, Pauline Edna Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
19 F444
Birdsong, Donald Gale Baucom, Opal Mae Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
20 F445
Birdsong, Donald Gale Burks, Helen Marie 26 Oct 1997 Eldon, Miller County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 
21 F442
Birdsong, Emery B Cross, Maude A Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
22 F208
Birdsong, Flavey Jack Griffith, Frances Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
23 F457
Birdsong, George W Gardner, Rena M Yes, date unknown  Humphrey 
24 F205
Birdsong, Jasper Joseph Rhodes, Anna J 12 Feb 1929  Humphrey 
25 F152
Birdsong, John Michael Humphrey, Alice Victoria 7 Feb 1901 Capps, Miller County, Missouri, USA  Humphrey 

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